Brain360 is a dietary supplement that intends to provide improved focus, attention, and concentration without side effects or any crash due to the blend of ingredients which are said to be clinically proven by one hospital in America. However, there is no information about the company behind the product, which means that it cannot be trusted to the fullest. The official website is poorly designed and does not contain any potential risks associated with the use of the supplement. According to the manufacturer, the product's formulation makes it come into effect within just one hour, so you can take the pills just before going to work. The supplement promises to improve your blood flow, increase your learning neurotransmitters in the brain, and boost your energy levels. Brain360 claims to work the first time and get stronger when you use it on a daily basis, but this supplement does not only promote memory retention, new task learning, and consolidation. Actually, these pills are known as nootropics, which are responsible for so much more.

In general, nootropics are defined as any product meant to improve cognitive function, particularly with memory, creativity, and focus in relatively healthy people. One HowStuffWorks article shows that the human brain contains about 100 billion nerve cells, known as neurons. These cells are able to carry electrical signals and work in a similar way to some wires in your television or smartphone. These signals are referred to as neurotransmitters, and nootropics can change how these signals behave. They are responsible for all of your activities, which means that they can enhance your daily life. Brain360 includes caffeine in its formula, a well-known stimulant that can be found in energy drinks, soda, and coffee. However, most caffeine items release this compound too quickly, which can cause a number of side effects such as nervousness, insomnia, and restlessness, increased heart rate, and stomach irritation. Brain360 is said to utilize a time release delivery, which allows the human body to gradually absorb the ingredients. Let us take a look at other ingredients in the product and try to find out whether the manufacturer's claims are really true.

Does It Have Any Side Effects?

When taking a nootropic supplement like Brain360, there is always risk for experiencing side effects. Without dosage amounts of the product's ingredients, we cannot say for sure how these effects may occur. According to WebMD, Mayo Clinic, and, the following side effects are possible. Doses of Caffeine over 400 mg per day can cause nervousness, insomnia, and restlessness, nausea, stomach irritation, vomiting, headache, increased heart rate and respiration, anxiety, chest pain, agitation, and ringing in the ears. Bacopa monnieri can lead to dry mouth, increased bowel movements, nausea, stomach cramps, and fatigue. Ginkgo biloba may be associated with allergic skin reactions, while Phosphatidylcholine can cause stomach upset, excessive sweating, and diarrhea.

There is a great number of customer reviews about Brain360 and not all of them are positive. Many people consider it to be a total scam. You are automatically signed in for a trial, and start receiving their bottles for $89 on a monthly basis. When you try to unsubscribe, the company does not allow it. When you are contacting the customer service, they give you no chance to explain the situation and talk to you like a robot. The users of Brain360 report that this product showed no results. The customer service is awful and the company offers no refunds on their staff. The company's representatives are often rude and may even slam the phone down. Let's take a look at the actual customers' reviews left online.

"Beware of Brain360. I ordered one bottle of this product and started taking it from the very first day. I have taken it for two weeks and it had no effect on me at all. The company continues sending me their bottles and charging my credit card. When I called them, they were angry that I didn't want their product. The lady was rude and started lowering the price but I didn't agree. My request of a refund was ignored."

"Do not order Brain360 ever. This product is never refunded, and the employees are rude. Having your card number, they continue to charge you. I asked to talk to a supervisor but I was told that he is busy and doesn't come to the phone. Now I have to cancel my card in order to get my money back. The product does not work and these people are frauds. Do not deal with this company! I would not recommend them even to enemies."

"Brain360 is a scam. I bought the product in October of 2017 for $4.55 and in a few weeks, I was billed for $89.73. The product did not work for me and I did not even know that I would be charged the full cost. When I called the customer service department and said I did not order the product I was charged for, they told me that I was in a contract. However, I received no alerts of emails informing about this. Do not buy this product. It is a waste of money. I am going to file an FBI complaint on the company."

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